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Appleseed Collective is an Ann Arbor based folk band who have been dominating the Michigan scene for the last decade. Heavily involved with the local food movement, the acoustic quartet features folk songs, jazz standards, and many other styles.

Classical Fusion

CutTime/Classical Revolution Detroit is led by bass player and Detroit Symphony Orchestra alum, Rick Robinson. He composes original pieces, as well as arranges famous classical works to be played in familiar settings such as bars, coffeeshops, and art galleries. Listen here:

Funk Fusion

Arkansas based jam band Good Foot has been around since 2014, with a stellar lineup of some of the state's most talented and versatile jazz musicians.

Acoustic Hip Hop

Nadim has toured with reggae artist Matisyahu and was a member of Ann Arbor based groove-pop band, the Euphorics. Listen here:

Celtic Fusion

Celtic fusion band Nessa is spearheaded by Kelly McDermott and Rob Crozier. 


Otter River is a six piece classic country band who plays throughout Michigan. Its instrumentation includes fiddle, bass, drums, and three guitars: rhythm, lead, and slide. 

Southern Louisana Cajun

Sel de Terre is a cajun band founded by violinmaker Peter Lynch, whose roots stay consistent with southern Louisiana tradition. Listen here:

Jazz/Funk Fusion

Formed in the Fall of 2017, Stereo Pocket is a band of graduate students from Berklee Valencia who have come together from different parts of the world and play varying styles of music. They bring a new groove to the old classics and present original songs taking influence from jazz, funk, and R&B.


Folk/Americana group Wych Elm (Charlie Reischl, Dan Ackerman) is deeply rooted in bluegrass and other fiddle styles. They are advocates of locally grown, farm-fresh vegetables. Check them out here:

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Fiddle: Brandon Worder

Bass: Eric O'Daly

Guitar: Andrew Brown

Percussion: Vince Russo

Bass/Comp: Rick Robinson

Violin: Derek Reeves

Viola: Leah Lucas Celebi

Drums: Mike List

Guitar/Vox: Brian Oman

Sax: Dave Williams II

Keys: Nick Matson

Bass: Brad Birge
Drums: Slavek Bolubah

Flute/Vox: Kelly McDermott

Guitar: Dan Palmer

Bass: Rob Crozier
Drums: David Zwolinski

Slide/Vox: Andy Henriksen

Guitar/Vox: James Curtis

Rhythm: Shane Siemen

Bass: Mike Paschal
Drums: Rob Clapsaddle

Fiddle: Peter Lynch

Fiddle: Chris Segura

Guitar: Steve Rohs

Bass: Jacob Warren

Cajun Accordion: John Reiser

Trumpet/Vox: Sarah Martinson

Keys: Lorin Xavier Rivers

Sax: Ryan Kimbrell

Bass: Tommy Champion

Drums: Ali McLeod

Guitar/Vox: Dan Ackerman

Bass: Charlie Reischl

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