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A violin-centric solo debut featuring all original songs influenced by jazz, classical, bluegrass, and pop. And lions.

VioLion was written and recorded between September and November of 2016 in Ann Arbor, MI. It is a solo debut intended as an embodiment of my musical tastes and an exploration of the violin's capabilities. Each track is an original composition which features a combination of three violins (violin by William E Hill and Sons 1914, Realist 5 string acoustic electric, Yamaha 5 string electric) and vocals.

The album has been featured in a monthly New Indie Music showcase on Bandcamp, found HERE!

Huge shoutouts to: Jack Butler for all his help with recording, mixing, and mastering; Susan Sanford for providing beautiful album artwork; Peter Lynch for lending me an amazing bow to record with; Pierce Rosen for helping write Three Days and being a horntzy guy; professors Stephen Shipps, David Halen, Ellen Rowe, and Robert Hurst from the University of Michigan School of Music, and the faculty of Christian Howes' Creative Strings Workshop for all their musical wisdom; Charlotte Crosmer for being an amazing influence and impetus on my life; and my family for their ongoing encouragement. Thanks to everyone for making this project possible!!

VioLion is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, CD Baby, and SoundCloud!

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